About Beit AlMusica

 Beit Al-Musica is a non-profit organization (NGO) established in 1999 by a group of young artists and intellectuals. Our mission is to promote cultural rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel, to enrich society through the development of musical frameworks, open prospects for artists, and interact musically with other cultures at the highest standards.

We believe that the Palestinian community in Israel is entitled to equal opportunities for cultural and musical expression, to have their own cultural identity, and to benefit from music education at high professional standards. Providing this rich cultural experience will ensure that Palestinians in Israel feel proud and confident of their heritage, thus reinforcing their sense of belonging to society.

In 2008, Beit Almusica consolidated its organizational development that witnessed an important boost in April 2007, when we moved from the back of a parking place to a two-story modern building in Shefa-Amer offering basic infrastructure for professional musical education. Our new premises are set up to receive 500 students, has a concert hall that can host around 180 people, and 15 special classrooms for teaching music. In addition, the building has rooms for montage and recording, library, teaching studio, and a small apartment for international guests that need to be equipped in order to be operational.

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