AACT Project undergoes External Evaluation

نسخ الرابط مشاركة فيسبوك مشاركة الواتسآب



Affirmative Action for Children Today, or AACT in its acronym, promotes bold moves to support children in the clearly disadvantaged Palestinian minority in Israel: 60% of such children live in poverty.

In July and August 2010, an external evaluation of the project took place. The main conclusions of the evaluation report include:

1. The project has a significant impact in promoting the culture and identity as well as strengthening the self-esteem and confidence of those children taking part in the project and their families.
2. AACT contributes towards achieving social change and providing opportunities to disadvantaged communities thus advancing equality.
3. The project’s staff successfully developed positive relations with beneficiaries and other stakeholders such as local schools and municipalities.
4. The generous on-line donations played a significant role for the financing of the project, as it contributes towards reaching our goals and ensuring sustainability.
5. The project has been carried out in a timely fashion and in a professional, cost-efficient way.
6. In order to achieve long-term sustainable results, the AACT project needs to continue its implementation during the school-year 2010-2011.

On behalf of Beit Almusica, the 50 Palestinian children that successfully finalized the first year of the project and their families, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your support to this initiative.

Regardless of whether you choose to continue supporting the AACT project with time, money, or good will, we are determined to continue this important work and to be great partners with you and responsible and effective stewards of your hope, time and resources.

Thank you!