The Music Conservatory Project

The conservatory project is based on employing complementary intervention strategies such as integration, development, preservation of cultural heritage, exchange and cooperation, to strengthen the synergy between different components of the project and to create a strong basis for sustainable development and the flow

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About our Community Outreach

This program addresses the acute need of artistic events and cultural expression through different activities at high quality standards. Our aim is to expose the Palestinian community to a wide range of musical genres, to open opportunities especially for the most marginalized to have access to professional musical frameworks, and to provide the Palestinian society with constructive alternatives for independent cultural expression and artistic creativity. Our program nurtures a sense of self-identity through music education as a positive agent of change for both themselves and their community. In 2008, we reached more than 1,200 beneficiaries.

AACT Project: Affirmative Action for Children Today

The AACT projects aims at providing Palestinian children, who are growing up in circumstances of social and economic disadvantage, with constructive alternatives for reaching their full human potential that can contribute towards bringing about positive change for the individual and the community.