About our Community Outreach

نسخ الرابط مشاركة فيسبوك مشاركة الواتسآب

Palestinian citizens have suffered from the total absence of professional musical frameworks and infrastructure since the establishment of the State of Israel, which has hindered their cultural growth and the development of music as a professional art. Our Community Outreach program addresses this need through different activities at high quality standards.
The specific objectives of this program are:

  • To raise awareness, preserve and revive the Oriental cultural heritage of the Palestinian community thus reinforcing their sense of belonging to society.
  • To expose Palestinian community to the richness of music, develop musical culture and raise Palestinian community’s awareness of music appreciation empowering them to explore a variety of musical genres;
  • To open opportunities, especially for the most marginalized, to have access to professional musical frameworks including education, performances, training, etc.
  • To provide constructive alternatives for the Palestinian society for self-expression, and to reinforce their sense of belonging to their society.


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