نسخ الرابط مشاركة فيسبوك مشاركة الواتسآب

In the year 2000, Beit Almusica launched a yearly music festival, a large-scale qualitative artistic event that contributes to the revival of the local musical heritage and to revitalizing the cultural life of the Palestinian community. Through a series of activities and performances of first-rate local and international artists and ensembles, organized in a number of places around the four seasons of the year, the festival opens up opportunities for various musical styles, such as classical music, classical Arabic music, Jazz and ethnic music.
Through this program, we aim to:
• Expose the different communities to a wide variety of music genres with all its richness and horizons through high quality events.
• Contribute to the preservation and promotion of Palestinian and Oriental cultural heritage and to raising awareness of the importance of music as part of our cultural wealth and as an important artistic expression.
• Interact musically with other cultures, thus promoting cultural exchange and multicultural dialogue.

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