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Our Premises

We can offer our students adequate basic infrastructure in our premises in Shefa’amr, which was inaugurated in April 2007. The two-story modern building is set up to receive 500 students, has a concert hall that can host around 180 people, and 15 special classrooms for teaching music. In addition, the building has rooms for montage and recording, library, teaching studio, and a small apartment for international guests that need to be equipped in order to be operational. In 2011/12 we received support in the framework of an EU sponsored project, and were able to set up and equip a state-of-the-art music library. Our premises offer all basic infrastructure needed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and have developed to a safe social meeting place for students and their families as much as they offer local artists the opportunity to jam and practice.

Educational Programs 

The Beit Almusica Conservatory offers a range of educational programs starting from early childhood till matriculation exams. The Early Childhood program offers children aged 3-8 the opportunity to meet music through singing, movements and different instruments before deciding for an instrument to study. Our academic program starts with the Early Childhood Music Program for children from 3 to 8 years old. This preparatory program exposes young children to music, prepares potential students for the primary stage at the conservatory and is conducive to their development and wellbeing.
While play is the primary vehicle for a young child’s growth, a rich musical environment from an early stage assists the development process of the child. We provide developmentally appropriate musical experiences in child-initiated and directed environments that are teacher supported. Each child has his/her own musical potential and abilities to contribute to the learning environments. Therefore, each child enjoys a specially tailored musical program. The program includes group and individual classes, as well as creative and supportive group activities. These classes also help to develop social behavior through the shared learning experience.

Academic advisor: Claudia Gluschankof, Ph.D


 Instrumental teaching usually starts at ages 8-10, when children participate in a basic evaluation for their musical gift and receive advice from our experts as of what instruments might be suitable for them according to their interests as well. Students have the opportunity to finalize their music education with high school matriculation exam acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, or with a certificate from Beit Almusica.


 Beit Almusica’s conservatory is divided into a Western and Eastern Department. In the Western Department we teach mainly classical music and voice development. Featured instruments are string and wind instruments as well as brass instruments. In the Eastern Department we teach Arabic music on Oud, Qanoun, Eastern violin, and percussion among others. In addition to the individual instrumental lessons, students receive group lessons when applicable; and one music theory lesson per week. Beit Almusica also runs two choirs – children and youth respectively.


 Students are admitted to Beit Almusica following a short evaluation of their musical gift, and based on free places in instruments. Music education starts with a three months trial course, followed by an evaluation by the teacher and student. After that, students can change their instruments, or continue in yearly courses.
The average dropout rate for the Conservatory is below 5% and often lies with the pressure put on children and youth in relation to school achievements and the perceived lacking capacity of children to accommodate both different activities.


 The tuition fees at Beit Almusica vary according to lesson time and instrument, but are in average 420.-ILS/ month. A range of scholarships based on musical achievements, commitment and socio economic situation are available for students in need. No student is denied access to music education because of the lack of financial means.

Matriculation exams 

 At Beit Almusica, students have the opportunity to finish their high school matriculation exams ‘Bagrut’ with a practical and theoretical exam recognized by the Ministry of Education. This enables students to pursue higher education in music, music pedagogy or music therapy or other professions related to music. Each year, about 10 students take this exam. Since 2004, all students taking the exam have received grades 90 and up of 100.

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