The 18th ECME Pre-Conference Seminar

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The 18th ECME Pre-Conference Seminar: 
July 8-13, 2018
Shefa’Amr, Israel
16:00 Check-in 
17:00 Opening Reception
18:00 Workshop: ”Huhuu, who are you?” A musical and creative journey with a story SoiliMirjamiPerkiö
19:00 Concert—musicians from Beit Almusica 

Monday: Musical Journeys across National and Ethnic Contexts 

9:00 Welcome
9:15 Introduction of Host and Honored Guests
9:30 Song Sharing
10:00 Around the Table:


“Challenges and dilemmas in early childhood education and early childhood music education in Israel” 
Professor Veronika Cohen
Professor Emeritus at the Jerusalem Academy of Music where she had served as chairman of the Music Education Department for many years, as well as several terms as dean of the faculty of Composition, Conducting, Theory and Music education. A former MISTEC Commissioner as well as of Member of the national curriculum in music, and member of the early childhood national curriculum in the arts, the Ministry of Education, Israel. Continuing her teaching and research activities with a focus on creativity and the use of Musical Mirrors - a method for in depth listening that she has developed. 
Professor MargalitZiv
Academic consultant of- and senior lecturer in the early childhood Masters program at Kaye Academic College of Education and senior lecturer at the Kibbutzim Academic College of Education, Technology and Arts. Her research and practice focus on theory of mind, promoting children’s social understanding via shared book reading, and education for a peaceful and just society. 
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Paper: Audio graphic journeys of kindergarten children across two nations: Israel and Germany RivkaElkoshi and Gabriele Schellenger
12:30 Paper: Early childhood policy and practice in Tanzania: Music in the new kindergarten curriculum
Eugenia Costa-Giomi and Patrick Msuya
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Paper: The image of the child in preschool curriculum—Australia vs. China XiangYi Tao
15:30 Poster Presentations
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Paper: Early musical journeys determining musical values, identity and learning
Sheila Woodward
17:00 Open Discussion 
18:00 Concert—musicians from Beit Almusica
18:30 Depart Shefa’Amr for Nazareth (Hotel) 
Tuesday: Educators’ Musical Journeys in Professional Contexts 

9:00 Song Sharing
9:15 Paper: Deepening educators’ understanding of young children’s musical journeys Laura Huhtunen-Hilden and Amanda Niland
9:45 Workshop/Performance — Apartment for Rent: Who will take it? Eva Brand and LudmillaLegorov
11:15 Coffee Break
11:30 Paper: Journeys toward empowerment —E ducators sharing their musical cultural identities with children Jill Holland and Amanda Niland
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Workshop: “Colos de Música” (trad. Music Laps)—A tool for building inner gardens Ana Isabel Pereira, Helena Rodrigues, Paulo Ferreira Rodrigues, Paulo MariaRodrigues
15:00 Paper: Music in preschool—The Kodály-inspired work of KatalinForrai and Jean Sinor Pamela Stover
15:30 Coffee Break/Poster Exploration
16:00 Paper: Relationships among musical home environment, parental involvement, demographic characteristics and early childhood music participation Adrienne Rodriguez 
16:30 Open Discussion
18:00 Concert—musicians from Beit Almusica
18:30 Depart Shefa’Am for Nazareth (Hotel) 

Wednesday: Musical Journeys through Community Contexts 

9:00 Song Sharing
9:15 Announcements and Excursion Details 
9:30 Paper: Infants act-by-act: Observing infants peer play Nita Baxani 
10:00 Workshop:Multicultural early childhood music program for Jews and Arabs  Michal Hefer 
11:00 Coffee Break/Poster Exploration
11:30 Open Discussion 
12:00 Depart for excursions 

Thursday: Children’s Musical Journeys 

9:00 Song Sharing
9:15 Announcements
9:30 Paper: The practice of agency in the life-span of a child Lauren Kooistra, Anne Whitney and Emily Whitney 
10:00 Paper: Audiation from the womb—Musical transfer from utero to infancy Krystal McCoy 
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Open Discussion
11:30 Paper: How we learn to sing—Studies on singing in 2- and 3-year-olds Helga R. Gudmundsdottir
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Paper: Exploring young children’s self-initiated singing in the playground Elizabeth AchiengAnd’ango
14:30 Workshop: Childhood pathways to music learning—Lessons from Moshe Feldenkrais Lori Custodero and Raz Ori
15:30 Open Discussion
16:00 Final Remarks
18:30 Conference Dinner