Beit AlMusica Convervatory

نسخ الرابط مشاركة فيسبوك مشاركة الواتسآب

At Beit Almusica students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each student has his/her own musical potential and abilities. We believe that effective teaching models help to develop critical thinking skills. An amiable physical and social environment also helps to promote successful learning.

The Conservatory specializes in the education of Oriental and Western music. Studies are conducted in two principal streams: (1) the Formal Program, enabling students to specialize in music from an early age, which culminates with the ‘Bagrut’ examination; and (2) the Amateur Program, which is open to those interested in acquiring musical knowledge and technique.

In addition to its methodical approach, the conservatory provides several creative and supportive group activities that aim to nurture the talent of the student, including: (1) Oriental Music Ensemble; (2) Choir; (3) Youth Orchestra; (4) Guitar Quintet; (5) Violin Group; (6) Arabic Percussion Ensemble; (7) Music Workshops and Master Classes; (8) Participation in Competitions and Public Events.

At the beginning of the school year 07-08, 240 students were enrolled in the Formal Program. Two hundred students successfully finalized the courses. Of all the senior students that completed their courses, eight have sat for the ‘Bagrut’ matriculation exam in music. All of the eight received excellent grades (higher than 90 out of 100). Currently 35 students are preparing for the exam.

During the school year 07-08, we provided 50 scholarships and supplied instruments for students on a small scale. The scholarship program enables students from low-income families to pursue professional music education. Financial support is also provided for students, whose music education could be endangered due to financial issues, in order to ensure continuity to their studies. At Beit Almusica, no student is turned away due to lack of funds.