Europe Day Celebration – ‘Beethoven at Beit Almusica’

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 On Wednesday, 12 May 2010, Beit Almusica hosted one of
the official celebrations of Europe Day
presentation of our new production ‘Beethoven in Beit
Almusica’, which is a musical/educational play intended to
Introduce children to European classical music.

At the invitation of the Spanish Presidency of the European
Union, the Delegation of the European Union to Israel, the
Municipality of Shefa-Amr and Beit Almusica, Europe day
was celebrated throughout the whole day
play was shown twice in the morning to about 300
students from the various primary schools in Shefa`amer, who listened and interacted wonderfully with the show and the educational musical material conveyed to them through this production.

The third performance in the afternoon was attended by Mr. Andrew Standley, the Head of Delegation of the uropean Union to Israel, Mr. Abraham Borg, the Maltese A
Sovič, the Slovenian Ambassador, Mr. Nahid Khazem, the Mayor of Shefa
Muhammad Barakah, Deputy Mayor of Shefa
headteachers from schools in Shefa-Amr and others.

The celebration was closed with an address by Ambassador Standley, the Mayor of
Aziza Diab-Idris on behalf of the Beit Almusica committee:
“Beethoven at Beit Almusica has two
music. Our concept flows into building a bridge between our Palestinian students here and classical music through an educational and entertaining musical show. Through this artistic production, we are calling on all of the audience of young listeners to put aside their previous thoughts about classical music describing it as boring and instead to be prepared to listen to and embrace it.” Aziza Diab-Idris

‘Beethoven at Beit Almusica’ includes several artistic elements as it combines
music group composed by 6 professional musicians from Tel Aviv and Beit Almusica and 3 students from Beit Almusica’s Conservatory with theatre and countries, presenting musical selections by each composer,
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741), Baroque Period, Italy
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 –
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756
Joseph-Maurice Ravel (1875 –
Manuel De Falla (1876 – 1946), Modern Period, Spain
European Anthem (Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770
This production is distinguished by all these
work. The initial concept and production was by the Beit Almusica team
Shehadeh and Munira Shehadeh designed costu
composers lived. The play is one hour long.